Project Description

The Black Kettle Ready for Business Module

It’s More Than Food, It’s An Experience

Creating the right impression for your customers every time is so important, you can not afford to underestimate it.

Hand on heart, are you confident your business looks great for every customer walking through your door, regardless of time?

This is not just about making your business look good. This is about delivering an experience and taking advantage of every sales opportunity. It takes effort and enthusiasm and it should be part of your businesses culture.

There are key elements to consider.

What disciplines are undertaken when you have closed to be ready to open to welcome your customers? One of the key aspects to opening is how you close.

Do you have part day offers and if so, how many?

Does your team up sell in the afternoon as well as they do in the morning when energy is high (and dare I saw it when the manager or owner is about).

What time of day is your lowest sales period and what are you doing about it?

The advice or training I provide looks at your service as a whole, not just opening or late afternoon service. I introduce key disciplines to make life easier to be ready for business than for it to be a chore. We set goals together and review performance against them. I make it enjoyable.

My Ready for Business Module becomes as individual as your business. I can work with you on an advice basis and/or I can train your staff.

The picture to the left below, shows a business that is open. The picture to the right, shows the same business that has carried out the disciplines to maximise their sales opportunities.

This scenario is extreme but it is a real one.

If you would like to discuss this area of support with me, please click here; Craig Fettes | Black Kettle

The images shown to the left and right below were taken at Brussels Airport