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Design & Build | Black Kettle’s POD8

Developed to be as flexible as your imagination

POD8 (with modular interior)

Module: A separable component, frequently one that is interchangeable with others, for assembly into units of differing size, complexity, or function

POD8 only limited by a lack of imagination.

Take your food and drink offer to your customer inside or out, a secondary sales area to support your existing operation, a new sales area or set up in a field maybe or support external business hospitality…we also do bars…and…you get the idea…for POD8 we have focused on creating additional sales opportunities outside.

With everything that Black Kettle stands for we had to design and build a sales POD that’s built for success and stands the test of time in terms of design, build quality and flexibility.

We looked at the very specific use for POD8 to ensure it was going to be fit for purpose which was driven by a variety of food and beverage offers that it could or should be used for. It was at this point that POD8 really started to take shape.

It was during the analysis of what food and beverage offers that POD8 could deliver that we realised we could be in danger of limiting its use, therefore we decided upon an interior that works with a multitude of offers and created the modular design.

Following initial feedback from Clients, customers, chefs and operators, we fined tuned some of the finishes and developed our support solutions further to make sure from day one of operation POD8 is a success.

In simple terms POD8 is ready for business, looks good, it can survive outside in all weather and has a very flexible multi use interior. Combine this with our project support and we believe it is an unbeatable combination.

We mentioned flexibility was high on our list at the planning stage for POD8 and we also wanted to make sure we used modern tried and tested techniques, supporting the customer experience. Within the list of optional extras you will find chef or barista vision screens, touch screen order stations, Apple pay, LED marketing boards, the list goes on. We can also recommend a market leading EPOS supplier for you to work with.

One of the key areas we wanted to develop was the ability to make click & collect food offers easy for customers and operators and operated directly from POD8 or in support of the main operation. We felt it was very important to offer a creative, sales friendly environment where a customer can grab a coffee, engage with your staff whilst contemplating what they will order for lunch from personal recommendation and the digital screens scrolling through today’s menu or the app on their phone. Three clicks later and they have paid.

The following specifications we think give POD8 the quality you would expect from Black Kettle…real tanalised wood cladding, galvanised steel roof, poly-carbonate windows, gas strut supporting lift hatch, stainless steel work areas, altro floor, we’ve even included cable management grommets, wire holsters and remembered to fit a light switch next to the door…

The final area of POD8 that really does bring everything together is the pack of small wares and equipment that we have for you to choose from; a metal pipe and leather strap A-board, acacia presentation stands, mahogany steak boards, walnut pizza boards to name a few.

We can work with you to create the exact offer and look & feel you desire and create something very special and ultimately success.

The beauty of working with Black Kettle with a new venture such as POD8 is we can provide as much or as little support as you require. From the initial inquiry into POD8, supply of electrical and water overlay plans and specifications to delivery & commissioning to the opening offer; we can take care of the entire project or work with your onsite team and compliment what they do.

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