Project Description

Management Consultancy

Why Black Kettle?

We thrive on making a positive difference.

We are truly independent, we use our experience, knowledge and best practice examples to form advice, we think freely without distractions about delivering the success our Clients want to achieve.

Being Client focused we develop relationships for the long term so we keep focused on your interests, your plan and your business.

The core elements of our success have been contract management and contract negotiation, operational and financial troubleshooting, opening and developing new food and drink offers, driving sales, maximising profitability, teamwork and excellent standards of operation.

At Black Kettle we offer an extensive list of services and support but we are really at our best when discussing the help you may need and letting us guide you, we never want to lose the personal touch.

Set out below are a small selection of the services we offer. You can find our full Directory of Management Consultancy Services here Black Kettle | Our Services

  • Troubleshooting | Operational Performance & Service Reviews – in-house or outsourced

  • Robust Operational Development & Implementation Plans

  • Benchmarking & Competitor Analysis

  • Service Feasibility Studies

  • Competitive Contract Tender Management

  • Project Support on New Builds & Refurbishments | Mobilisation of Services

  • Strategic Food & Beverage Implementation Management & Support

  • Purchasing Agreements | Purchasing Best Practice | Understanding Purchasing Discounts

  • Food Offer Concept Development | Branding & Packaging

One of the key strengths of Black Kettle is our ability to troubleshoot within your business to find out what is not working for you. This may mean a simple fix or it may mean a more in-depth review of your operation.

We help get you to where you need to be.

A key reason to work with Black Kettle is that we can support the implementation of any advice or recommendations that we make. You will always have the option to contract us to work with you through the implementation of your project. We don’t want to walk away leaving you with lots of advice or recommendations to implement.

We have extensive experience in Change Management and we can support you with making the hard and difficult decisions when managing material changes to your business and still want a food offer to be proud of. We will be happy to discuss any Change Management agenda you may have in strict confidence and liaise with all key stakeholders.

We also have a great track record in contract and supplier negotiations, from catering contracts, strategic supplier terms and managing competitive tenders.

Ultimately, Black Kettle will work with you and provide the information and advice you need. If you then need us to, we can implement the agreed plan as well.

We look forward to hearing from you and you can contact us here: Black Kettle | Contact 

Supporting Information

We have written a series of 5 Black Kettle Blogs looking at the role of an Independent Hospitality Consultant and how they can add significant value to your business.

You can access the Blogs here: Black Kettle | Management Consultancy